Stud tires are used in many of the same small industrial product applications. Hand trucks, industrial carts, and pressure washers are examples of equipment that utilize these tires. The stud pattern has an aggressive appearance with excellent traction while the Sawtooth offers smooth rolling performance.

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Max Load
2-4 PLY


  • The Carlisle Stud tread is a popular pattern providing aggressive traction and a rugged look preferred by many equipment manufacturers.  
  • Applications range from go-karts to hand trucks to many types of outdoor power equipment. The nesting diamond shaped tread elements roll smoothly in spite of the aggressive appearance.


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Size SKU Type PLY Tread Content
4.10-4 5160251 Bias 2 0.17 in. Log in or register to order online
4.10-6 5160351 Bias 2 0.18 in. Log in or register to order online
4.80-8 5160501 Bias 2 0.177 in. Log in or register to order online
4.80-8 5164291 Bias 4 0.177 in. Log in or register to order online
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WARNING – Cancer and Reproductive Harm –
Carlstar Group Prop 65 Information

4 Item(s)

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